December 2007

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Episode 4: Filibuster Vigilently

billsimmon 25 Dec 2007 | : episodes

We’re 11 days away from the Iowa caucuses and the official start of the primary season and things are getting pretty interesting. In this episode, we discuss crazy fundamentalist candidates, filibustering rules, the new FISA bill and retroactive immunity for telecoms. We also bid a sad farewell to Journeyman, we discuss Peter Jackson’s recent mending of fences with New Line over the Hobbit films as well as delving into the political views of certain SF writers.

Merry ChriFSMas everyone, may His noodly appendages keep you safe over the holidays.

Original air date: 12/23/07
Total run time: 01:59:51
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Snow Day

billsimmon 17 Dec 2007 | : housekeeping

We didn’t do a new episode of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio this week because northern Vermont got fairly well buried under a bunch of snow on Sunday. I managed to make it down to the radio station and I just played some music because Steve was stuck at home, dug in for the night. We’ll be back next week. Here are a couple of shots I took out the Radiator’s windows during the storm…

Episode 3: Carrying the Big Sticks

billsimmon 10 Dec 2007 | : episodes

Despite a little bit of audio interference from a football game very early in this episode, this one went off mostly without any technical hiccups! We’re finding our stride. This coming week, engineer Jeff and I have plans to tape some pre-recorded station IDs, and I still have to learn how to integrate the soundboard technology into the discussion more seamlessly, but we’re getting there.

Note: in the section on dystopian SF, I mention an article in “The Times.” I said it was the New York Times, but it was actually in the British Sunday Times, just so we’re clear.

Original air date: 12/09/07
Total run time: 1:51:22
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Episode 2: The Writers Guild Strike What?

billsimmon 04 Dec 2007 | : episodes

We had some audio recording issues this week. The feed we were getting from the Radiator’s audio board was too “hot,” resulting in an overdriven sounding podcast. these are the growing pains. We’ll dial it in better next week. We also ran into some Garage Band compression issues that were solved by the helpful Jim B. (thanks Jim!), which is why the podcast is being posted a day late. Apologies to both of our listeners. Enjoy the show…

Original air date: 12/02/07
Total run time: 1:50:53
File size: 57 MB