January 2008

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Episode 9: A Check on Democracy

billsimmon 31 Jan 2008 | : episodes

Bill is sick (again!) this week so it’s taken an extra day or two to get this episode posted.  A lot has happened since we taped this show last Sunday — Edwards and Guiliani have dropped out of the race, the President gave his last State of the Union address, John McCain solidified his front-runner status by dominating in Florida and the Senate debate over the FISA bill that could contain immunity for telecoms that participated in the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping programs has gotten a 15-day extension.

On Sunday, before all of that happened, Steve and Bill spent two hours talking about the South Carolina results, Hillary’s attempts to grab the Florida and Michigan delegates, Bill Clinton’s involvement in his wife’s campaign, the new Star Trek movie trailer, the greatness of Farscape and The Wire, the relative importance of high profile political endorsements, Romney’s mysterious whisper, the total lack of any danger from asteroid 2007 TU24, the ongoing FISA showdown and the proposed economic stimulus package.  Steve also educates us on the differences between “delegates” and “superdelegates,” and Bill admonishes his fellow Vermonters to shut the hell up in movie theaters.

Original air date: 01/27/08
Total run time: 1:50:19
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Episode 8: One More Year

billsimmon 23 Jan 2008 | : episodes

In this episode Steve and Bill talk about the presidential race, those wacky Nevada caucus rules, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the efficacy of fan letter-writing campaigns, the possibility of the proverbial brokered convention, more writers’ strike fallout news, how the Clinton campaign is playing hardball (and using some pretty dishonest tactics) and how Tom Cruise is still crazy (and Jonah Goldberg is still a tool).

The date of this episode is noteworthy as well, falling one year to the day before the next president of the US is inaugurated. Hang in there, folks.

Original air date: 01/20/08
Total run time: 1:56:33
File size: 59.5 MB

Episode 7: Taking it Under Advisement

billsimmon 17 Jan 2008 | : episodes

In this episode Steve and Bill conduct a thorough New Hampshire primary postmortem, exploring the efficacy of polls, Hillary’s “tears,” the effect of misogynist jerks on the process and the (unlikely) possibility of actual voting fraud.  They also talk about Clinton era science fiction and the very real threat of a major asteroid or comet impact on Earth.  Along with these topics, many questions are raised, including: When will Edwards drop out?  Why does Fox News lie so much?  Will the new Terminator series be any good?  Why is Jonah Goldberg such a tool?  And how are the candidates on modern biology?  Don’t miss this exciting episode of PSFR!

Original air date: 01/13/08
Total run time: 1:57:30
File size: 58.8 MB

Episode 6: Crazy Uncle Mike

billsimmon 08 Jan 2008 | : episodes

Jeff and Bill were getting over colds in this episode so there is some coughing here and there.  Also, coming between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, this episode is particularly heavy on the politics side of things, though we do get into a good talk about Blade Runner and we discuss the new SF blog, io9.  We also answer the difficult question: did President Bush do anything right in his (nearly) eight years in the White House?  We also touch on Buffy villains, Bill O’Reilly’s loofa, the pocket veto, the Manchurian President, the art of speech writing and Mike Huckabee’s alarming likability.

Original air date: 01/06/08
Total run time: 2:02:46
File size: 61 MB

Episode 5: Only Quoting What’s Factual

billsimmon 02 Jan 2008 | : episodes

It’s the last episode of 2007, just days prior to the official start of the 2008 presidential primary season and race for the White House. Engineer Jeff was out sick this week but our friend Arthur Adams, a talented singer/songwriter from San Francisco, stepped in and was our third voice on the microphone.

Topics covered in this year-end installment include: a discussion about the order and relative importance of the primary and caucus states, opinions about the definitions of “science fiction” (particularly in movies), upcoming genre films in 2008, the best genre films of 2007, Bush’s dystopian-sci-fi-inspired stem cell policy, Guiliani’s scary and bigoted surrogate, Bill Kristol’s NYTimes gig, Bill Richardson’s credulity w/r/t “alternative” medicine, a discussion about whether or not Hillary Clinton’s experience as First Lady “counts” in the presidential race, and more…

Happy new year, all. 2008 promises to bring us a new president and a new Indiana Jones movie. And unless something unexpected happens, it will also bring about 100 new hours of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio. Stay tuned!

Original air date: 12/30/07
Total run time: 1:55:14
File size: 56.8 MB