February 2008

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Steve is sick – no show this week

billsimmon 17 Feb 2008 | : housekeeping

Everyone send Steve some chicken soup wishes as he deals with a winter flu.  We’ll be back next week with a new show.

BTW, Jeff and I spent today testing some video streaming and I think next week we’ll try to actually stream our show live with a video feed.  Click the “Live Stream” link at the top of the page between 4 and 6 eastern time on Sunday and you should be able to see us in the studio and listen to the show live from anywhere in the world (anywhere with a broadband internet connection, that is).  If you want to see the very short test we did today, click here and watch the clip called “sync test 1.”

Episode 11: Prosperity & Peace Are in the Balance

billsimmon 17 Feb 2008 | : episodes

This exciting episode of PSFR is late getting posted this week but still very much worth your time. Steve and Bill discuss the far flung future of the year 2000 and stupid, insensitive comments by the likes of David Shuster ad John McCain. Oh, and we talk about some politics and science fiction too. Enjoy…

Original air date: 02/10/08
Total run time” 01:59:46
File size: 61.5 MB

Episode 10: Hulk smash Superbowl Sunday!

billsimmon 07 Feb 2008 | : episodes

In this exciting episode of PSFR, Steve and Bill make some Super Tuesday predictions (that have turned out to be correct), talk about the Clinton/Obama generation gap, the Blade Runner final director’s cut, ABC’s complete mishandling of Bill Clinton’s “slow down the economy” quote, and the efficacy of big political endorsements. They also discuss the best SF swear words, the current state of the telecom immunity provisions in the FISA bill, the potential constitutional crisis that could result from Bush’s latest signing statement, and the viral success of the popular Obama “Yes We Can” video.

Oh yeah, and… Hulk smash!

Original air date: 02/03/08
Total run time: 1:59:05
File size: 61.1 MB