March 2008

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Episode 15: The Seabiscuit Scale

billsimmon 31 Mar 2008 | : episodes

Hillary says she’s in it for the long haul, scientists at the CERN particle accelerator may be putting the universe in danger, Survive-All shelters can save your life, McCain says he’s “the American president Americans have been waiting for,” and Meet Joe Black is 5,000 times better than Seabiscuit — Bill gives it a solid 5.

Original air date: 03/30/08
Total run time: 01:55:41
File size: 53 MB

Episode 14: Gamma Ray Bursts and The Speech

billsimmon 24 Mar 2008 | : episodes

“The Speech” leads this episode.  Did it work, politically?  Is that the most important question to be asking?  Did the right people even hear it?  Other topics include enormous gamma ray bursts, the fact that Hillary’s run is over but no one will admit it, BSG’s return, The McCain Girls and all the resulting bleeding ears, the latest episode of Lost, 1st and 2nd amendment SCOTUS battles, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and more!

Original air date: 03/23/08
Total run time: 01:55:34
File size: 52.9 MB

Episode 13: Superdelegates and Quantum Mechanics

billsimmon 16 Mar 2008 | : episodes

We had several listeners participating during this episode’s broadcast, which is the first since Bill’s return from SXSW.  We had two phone calls and several IRC chatters.  We’re hoping this is a trend.

Another thing we’re trying out is a fast turn-around for the podcast.  Bill was previously editing the episodes as “enhanced” podcasts (with chapter breaks and still photos), which was taking several days between the live broadcast and the podcast upload.  Instead, we’re offering this episode as a basic mp3 and getting it up right away.  We’ll try this for a while and see if anyone notices.

Please let us know how things are working for you by sending us an email.

Original air date: 03/16/08
Total run time: 02:01:02
File size: 55.4 MB

Episode 12: March 4th Showdown

billsimmon 08 Mar 2008 | : episodes

Steve is back among the living and we managed a new show last Sunday, which is only getting posted now because I’m in Austin, TX for SXSW and have not had any time for editing. In fact, this show has no “enhanced” features like hyperlinks and photos and chapter breaks — it’s just the audio file that Jeff was kind enough to upload for me while I am out of town. No show this Sunday (the 9th) because of the SXSW conference, but we’ll be back stronger than ever next week. Here’s the latest show…

Original air date: 03/02/08
Total run time: about 2 hours
File size: 57 MB