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Episode 19: Neither the Law Nor the Facts

billsimmon 27 Apr 2008 | : episodes


We got our live IRC chat back up and running this week in time to discuss the Pennsylvania results, the new episodes of BSG and Lost (Lost is back – w00t!), a couple of first amendment issues, Farscape, and Scalia and Limbaugh and Snow, oh my!

Original air date: 04/27/08
Total run time: 2:01:06
File size: 55.4 MB

Episode 18: Steve Benen is the 5th Cylon

billsimmon 21 Apr 2008 | : episodes

It’s true!  Along with writing more than 260 liberal political blogs, Steve is also the last of the Final Five. Skin-Job Steve and (totally human) Bill discuss the ABC debate fallout and Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary.  They also go deep into this week’s BSG episode and tackle a smattering of other political and genre-related topics.  It’s four-twenty. Enjoy…

Original air date: 04/20/08
Total run time: 1:57:53
File size: 54 MB

Episode 17: False Drama All Around

billsimmon 14 Apr 2008 | : episodes

The Obama “bittergate” brouhaha is a lot of hot air, and so is this week’s Battlestar Galactica.  How can Steve and Bill tie these two things together?  Tune in and see.  Also, McCain still doesn’t know his Sunnis from his Shiites, Bill praises Primer, Lieberman disses Lamont and there’s a really amazing reveal about upcoming Battlestar Galactica plot lines at about the halfway point of the show — it’s a complete exclusive, so check it out!

Original air date: 04/13/08
Total run time: 1:55:28
File size: 52.9 MB

Episode 16: There Must be Some Kind of Way Out of Here

billsimmon 08 Apr 2008 | : episodes


Sorry for the delay… technical problems fixed!

BSG season 4.0 is upon us… do we care?  Bill, Steve and Jeff discuss what’s gone wrong with Ron Moore’s formerly fabulous franchise.  Other topics include Joe Lieberman gaffs and McCain missteps, the utterly ridiculous Obama bowling story, the potential death of “serious” science fiction and the vastly under-reported release of the John Yoo memos (which essentially declared that the Bush administration was not beholden to the 4th amendment at all when it came to issues of national security — seems a tad more important than Obama’s lame bowling game).

Original air date: 03/06/08
Total run time: 1:54:26
File size: 52.4 MB

Please stand by…

billsimmon 07 Apr 2008 | : housekeeping

We’re experiencing some technical difficulties with this week’s podcast for some reason.  Gremlins, apparently.  In the meantime, you can actually go to our live stream page and listen to (and watch!) a replay of the stream there if you’re anxious to hear the show right away.  Otherwise, the mp3 will be posted sometime Tuesday evening, if all goes well.  Apologies for the delay — it’s the result of some weird Quicktime/Final Cut Pro voodoo.  Our best people are on it.