May 2008

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Episode 23: Nerd Pride Day!

billsimmon 27 May 2008 | : episodes

This episode of PSFR fell on Nerd Pride Day — the 31st anniversary of the US release of Star Wars in 1977. The PSFR crew took the opportunity to talk about politics and science fiction. :)

Topics this week include both defenses and indictments of Hillary, mostly just indictments of John McCain, the Rove subpoena, and Steve and Bill discuss Dollhouse, T4 and some more general nerdy topics.

Original air date: 05/25/08
Total run time: 1:58:11
File size: 54.1 MB

Episode 22: Underpants Gnomes and Appeasers

billsimmon 19 May 2008 | : episodes

With this episode, Poli Sci-Fi Radio is pleased to welcome Emily Stoneking to the crew!  Emily is taking over for Jeff, who has gone off to work at Vermont Public Television.  Emily was selected from among the thousands of candidates in a nation-wide search.  There were many qualified candidates, but since Emily is married to Bill, her taking the job meant that they could carpool to the radio station, thus reducing the show’s carbon footprint significantly, and PSFR is nothing if not environmentally conscious.

It was a huge week, politics-wise, so we won’t even attempt to cover all of the topics that were covered in this blurb.  Here’s a hint about one subject though: Chris Matthews did something good for a change.  I know, the world is turned upside down!

Original air date: 05/18/08
Total run time: 1:56:28
File size: 53.3 MB

Episode 21: Jeff Says So Long

billsimmon 12 May 2008 | : episodes

Jeff has taken a job at Vermont Public Television and he has to work on Sundays so unfortunately we are losing him as our on-air engineer and chat room moderator, at least for the time being. Jeff will remain a behind-the-scenes adviser and contributor to PSFR and will likely make occasional on-air appearances in the future. We wish Jeff all the best in his new job at VPT.

Aside from saying so long to Jeff, Steve and Bill also discuss the game-changing Indiana and North Carolina primaries, the Iron Man movie, The Matrix’s 10th (!) anniversary, the Vito Fossella sex scandal, racial issues in Kentucky and West Virginia, the new episodes of LOST and BSG, and the house Republicans’ anti-Mother’s Day vote. Happy Mothers Day!

Original air date: 05/11/08
Total run time: 01:58:12
File size: 54.1 MB

Episode 20: Nerdcore Rising

billsimmon 05 May 2008 | : episodes

This week’s Poli Sci-Fi Radio is a bit shorter than normal because Bill had to run out to set up a special screening of Nerdcore Rising, a documentary about nerdcore hip-hop by NYC filmmaker, Negin Farsad.  Negin joined the PSFR crew in the studio on mic #3 and totally geeked out over Lost, among other subjects.

Other topics covered this week include the scintillating gas tax policy debate, Obama’s close win in Guam, the imminent Indiana and North Carolina primaries, Ben Stein’s ridiculous statements about science, and the inanity of Shutdown Day.

Original air date: 05/04/08
Total run time: 1:29:34
File size: 41 MB