June 2008

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Episode 27: Nerdgassing!

billsimmon 24 Jun 2008 | : episodes

Emily was home sick with a migraine this week but Steve and Bill persevered and got through the episode without her (she’s feeling much better now).  Topics covered include: the FISA house vote, “nerdgassing,” Obama getting beat up over turning down public financing,  ice on Mars, offshore drilling,  the Al Jazeera English controversy in Vermont, Teaching  intelligent design creationism in Ohio (and electrostaticly branding students with the sign of the cross), and the big Newsweek poll.

Housekeeping note: We will be off next week because Bill and Emily will be in Philadelphia for the weekend, but we will return with a new live show on Sunday July 6th.  Have a good 4th of July holiday, fellow Americans!

Original air date: 06/22/08
Total run time: 01:57:00
File size: 53.6 MB

Episode 26: “It’s a Google.”

billsimmon 16 Jun 2008 | : episodes

The recording worked this week!

Poli-sci issues covered include the SCOTUS’ recent habeas ruling, McCain’s “not too important” gaff, social security retreads, irrational Clinton supporters and Governor Bobby Jindal’s mystical experiences with dark forces.  Oh yes, and McCain has no idea how to use a computer or what Google is.

Sci/Sci-fi topics include the mid season finale of BSG,  Stephen Hawking’s rebuke of the UK government, the films of M. Night Shyamalan (including Bill and Emily’s review of The Happening), and a discussion of the excellent 80′s last-man-on-Earth film, The Quiet Earth.

Original air date: 06/15/08
Total run time: 2:00:43
File size: 55.3 MB

Episode 25: The Lost Episode

billsimmon 09 Jun 2008 | : Bonus!, episodes, housekeeping

Oops. We suffered a technical glitch this week that resulted in us not actually recording the show. So those of you who listened live on Sunday may be the only ones who will ever hear the episode. Fortunately, Emily managed to shoot a few minutes of video while we did the show so there is at least that small proof that we were there. Here is some of what Emily shot…

Bonus video clip!

billsimmon 02 Jun 2008 | : Bonus!

Emily shot some video of this week’s show from her perspective in the booth. Here is the 9.5 minute clip. Enjoy…

Episode 24: Playing by the Rules & Bylaws

billsimmon 02 Jun 2008 | : episodes

The DNC decides the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegates, Scott McClellan disses his former boss, Obama and McCain exchange jabs, Michelle Malkin is still insane and BillO manages to make us laugh — and not at him for once!

Also, Back to the Future’s Hill Valley is tragically destroyed by fire,  Indiana Jones disappoints Steve and Bill, and TV movie “events” Recount and The Andromeda Strain get reviewed.  Oh, and did we mention that the LOST season finale ROCKED?  Well it did.  BSG not so much.

Original air date: 06/01/08
Total run time: 1:56:59
File size: 53.6 MB