July 2008

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Episode 31: Is This Thing On?

billsimmon 30 Jul 2008 | : episodes

We were plagued by technical problems this week, one of which was beyond our control, the other was totally Bill’s fault.  First, the live stream wasn’t working so our IRC chatters were left out in the cold.  That was beyond our control, but the good news is that the router hub that was responsible for the down stream has been replaced and it should be smooth sailing on the live stream front!

The part that was Bill’s fault was that he didn’t hit “record” on the digital recorder until more than half of the show was already done.  So Steve, Bill and Emily had a lovely chat on the radio and only those folks listening live in Burlington, Vermont on Sunday will ever get to hear it!  What remains is about the last 50 minutes of the show.  We’ll revisit some of the SF stuff next week.  Also, Emily and Steve have agreed to help remind Bill to hit “record” from now on so this shouldn’t happen again… at least for a while.

Original air date: 7/27/08
Total run time: 48:52
File size: 22.4 MB

Episode 30: The Obama Doctrine

billsimmon 21 Jul 2008 | : episodes

This last week the Prime Minister of Iraq, Still President Bush and John McCain all endorsed or adopted foreign policy positions advocated by Barack Obama.  So who is the strong foreign policy candidate, exactly?  Listen to this week’s PSFR to hear more.

Also, The Dark Knight and Dr. Horrible, Watchmen and Terminator trailers, the controversial New Yorker cover (Bill and Steve actually disagree on this… sort of) and AG Mukasey’s creative definitions of “executive privilege.”

And as a special treat this week, an exclusive interiew with Republican candidate for president, Senator John McCain (or someone who does a funny impression of him, anyway)!

Original air date: 7/20/08
Total run time: 01:59:16
File size: 54.6 MB

Episode 29: A Bad Week for John McCain

billsimmon 15 Jul 2008 | : episodes

Steve’s list of things that went wrong for McCain last week is loooong.  Hopefully the MSM will actually start realizing just how bad the McCain campaign is bungling things.  Tune in for all the details.

Other topics covered this week include the movies Hancock and Hellboy 2 and Buzz Aldrin’s wrongity wrong remarks about how SF is responsible for young people’s lack of interest in space science.  Wha?

 Technical note: the live stream of the show this week was interupted about half way though.  This podcast episode contains the entire two hours.

Original air date: 7/13/08
Total run time: 1:58:47
File size: 54.4 MB

Episode 28: The Moving-to-the-Middle Meme

billsimmon 08 Jul 2008 | : episodes

Emily and Bill are back from vacation! Steve never takes vacations. This week, the PSFR team covers the media’s obsession with the Obama-moves-to-the-middle meme… even though it’d not really true. Also, who’s the real flip-flopper, McCain hires Karl Rove operatives, Obama’s “faith-based initiative,” an absolutely astounding photoshop hack job by Fox News, the “Tyson Homosexual” farce and the fact that Obama’s Iraq policy is demonstrably unchanged, despite all the media reporting otherwise.

Sci-fi topics this week include a discussion about the best order to show Star Wars movies to your kids, the conservative backlash against Wall-E, the nerdgasm-inducing Marvel superhero movies, a discussion about adapting Watchmen to film and Steve started watching Stargate!

Original air date: 7/6/08
Total run time: 1:55:20
File size: 52.8 MB