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Episode 35: Political Animal

billsimmon 25 Aug 2008 | : episodes

Housekeeping note: Emily and Bill will be out of town next week so there will be no new PSFR on Sunday 8/31.  we’ll be back on 9/7 for a special Bill’s birthday episode so stay tuned!

This is the first week that PSFR has been co-hosted by a Political Animal.  Steve jumped ship from The Carpetbagger Report to blog full-time for Washington Monthly Magazine.   w00t!  Also, Rachel Maddow got her own MSNBC primetime show!  Good things are hapening to smart, deserving people and that’s great.

In this episode we interviewed blogger and novelist Philip Baruth, who is in Denver this week covering the Democratic National Convention for the Burlington Free Press.  We also discussed The Clone Wars, Joe Biden’s now-out-of-the-closet running mate status, the Watchmen lawsuit, the fact that the Iraq War has basically been ended and nobody noticed and the Pro-Obama Dungeons and Dragons Crowd.  enjoy, and we’ll see you in two weeks!

Original air date: 8/24/08
Total run time: 2:00:18
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Episode 34: Defining “Rich”

billsimmon 18 Aug 2008 | : episodes

It’s a slow week for SF despite the fact that a new Star Wars movie opened on Friday — just goes to show how irrelevant the franchise has become.  Some interesting politics and news this week includes the ongoing conflict in the Caucasus and Obama and McCain’s chats at the Saddleback church.  Other topics covered by Steve and Bill include the fact that Hawaii is, in fact, a state, and the reasons why Obama’s lead in the polls is as small (or as big) as it is.

The PSFR crew also talk Star Wars and Watchmen, and Galacticast’s Casey McKinnon says Poli-Sci-Fi Radio has the “Best. Name. Evar.”  w00t!

Original air date: 8/17/08
Total run time: 1:59:59
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Episode 33: “Loves It!”

billsimmon 14 Aug 2008 | : episodes

We’re posting this week’s episode a little late because of some scheduling shenanigans, but better late than never!

John Edwards led the news week, outshining other big stories like the Russia/Georgia conflict.  Steve puts it all in perspective and the crew also discusses what’s “canonical” and what’s not in genre fiction and the inherent pro-movie/TV bias.  And listen as Steve bites his own tongue trying to form the phrase, “Paris Hilton’s energy plan.”  enjoy…

Original air date: 8/10/08
Total run time: 1:59:04
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Episode 32: Swinging at Piñatas

billsimmon 05 Aug 2008 | : episodes

McCain is pulling out the stops, taking swipes at Obama and trying to make the case that not-Obama is the better choice this fall.  In other news, Ted Stevens has been indicted, giving Democrats an early Christmas gift, and the NYTimes says that the super hero genre in movies has been played out.  Tune in for these and other exciting topics.

Bill remembered to push the “record” button this week.

Original air date: 7/3/08
Total run time: 1:54:40
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