October 2008

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Episode 42: Waiting for the Fat Lady to Sing

billsimmon 27 Oct 2008 | : episodes

Nine days out from the 2008 election day, and Steve and Bill are trying not to be too optimistic. The McCain campaign appears to be imploding and distractions like the Ashley Todd hoax, Joe McCain’s angry 911 call and Palin’s $15ok wardrobe can’t be helping. The electoral map is looking very favorable for Obama, but we aren’t counting chickens and the fat lady has yet to take the stage.

Bill talks about Connie Willis and time travel, the PSFR crew officially gives up on Heroes, and other SF TV is discussed in this episode.

Steve also discusses why the Joe the Plumber Tour was “blisteringly stupid,” and why the “checks and balances” argument the McCain campaign is trying this week probably won’t work.

Original air date: 10/26/08
Total run time: 2:00:42
File size: 55.3 MB

Hack, cough, wheeze…

billsimmon 19 Oct 2008 | : housekeeping

Bill is sick this week with a wicked sore throat and so the show has been canceled.  We’ll be back next week for a pre-election special.  See you then!

Episode 41: All the Rage

billsimmon 13 Oct 2008 | : episodes

The right wing of the GOP is getting angry, City of Ember is really good, The troopergate report is out, the Clone Wars TV show is surprisingly fun, Connecticut legalizes same-sex marriage, Bill has a lot of guilty pleasure genre movies that he likes, and wasn’t there a debate or something like a million years ago?

Original air date: 10/12/08
Total run time: 2:03:06
File size: 56.4 MB

Episode 40: Gassing and Wonking

billsimmon 07 Oct 2008 | : episodes

The PSFR team deconstructs the veep debate from last week, excoriates Heroes, delves into campaign dynamics, and talks about Connie Willis, Kim Stanley Robinson, Sarah Connor and Sarah Palin.  We also have a new theme song!  Thanks to No They Do for the theme song love!

Original air date: 10/5/08
Total run time: 1:58:30
File size: 54.2 MB