November 2008

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Episode 46: The Cabinet of Dr. Obama

billsimmon 24 Nov 2008 | : episodes

Obama’s cabinet and administration staff is slowly coalescing. The presidential race is officially over now that Missouri has assigned its electoral votes to McCain. The Senate looks like it might wind up 59-41. Just what exactly is Joe Biden up to holding onto his senate seat this long after becoming the Vice President Elect?

Is nerdgassing over the Star Trek trailer even applicable in a re-boot situation?  Is defining the specific parameters of a given SF universe (e.g., Fierfly) a good idea, or does it hamstring creators? Now that The Sarah Connor Chronicles is really good, is it doomed to die in the Fox Friday night death-slot?

Original air date: 11/23/08
Total run time: 1:52:44
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Episode 45: RIP James R. Kirk

billsimmon 18 Nov 2008 | : episodes

There’s a new Star Trek trailer to nerdgas about, Lieberman’s fate in the senate looks to be surprisingly safe, Quantum of Solace is pretty good, the Obama administration is slowly coalescing, and what’s the future of Governor Howard Dean? Also, lots of SF TV is discussed, as usual. Enjoy…

Original air date: 11/16/08
Total run time: 2:00:18
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Episode 44: Cue the Happy Montage

billsimmon 10 Nov 2008 | : episodes

The Beatles’ Good Day Sunshine plays in the soundtrack as we walk/skip down the sunny street smiling at everyone we pass. As the honeymoon period following Obama’s election gets underway, the PSFR crew discusses what’s left of national politics with humor and gaiety.

What will Sarah Palin do now?

What is up with California’s crazy proposition 8 thing?

What is the senatorial fate of Joe Lieberman?

How will the remaining undecided senate races play out?

What will the Obamas name their puppy???

These questions are addressed in this week’s exciting (and happy) PSFR. The crew also discusses the ever-mounting gloom around Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and the election-day passing of Michael Crichton.

Housekeeping note: My MacBook Pro is on the fritz so I used a slightly different post production workflow, resulting in a smaller than normal file size. I hope the audio quality isn’t too diminished.

Original air date: 11/09/08
Total run time: 2:01:13
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Epiosode 43: Pre-Election Special!

billsimmon 03 Nov 2008 | : episodes

Just in time for Election Day, PSFR brings you analysis, predictions and special guests chiming in on the 2008 presidential race. We were joined on the phone this week by Adam Serwer from The American Prospect’s Tapped blog and by poli-sci-fi friend Gerry Canavan. They both gave us some analysis from their perspectives and provided us with some predictions. We had quite a party going in the live chat as well and we have electoral predictions from that peanut gallery too.

Here are some numbers we collected (everyone predicted an Obama victory — the question was the margin). Out of a total of 538 electoral votes, with 270 needed to win the race…

  • Steve Benen: 291/247
  • Bill Simmon: 326/212
  • Emily Stoneking: 353/185
  • Adam Serwer: Obama by less than 300
  • Gerry Canavan: 397/141 (I grabbed this from his blog — on the show he gave Obama a non-specific 302-360 spread)
  • Mike McCaffrey 311/227 (via chat)
  • Alex Chaffee: 349/189 (via chat)
  • Raffles: 290/248 (via chat)
  • John: 364/174 (via chat)

Just to be clear, we are not using Price is Right rules. That is, the closest numerical guess, whether over or under the actual split, wins. What do they win? Bragging rights for four years, of course. Isn’t that enough? Adam gave us some great analysis, but he didn’t specify a definite number, so I think he’s technically out of the running for the bragging rights. The rest of those numbers look pretty optimistic, with Gerry really wearing the rose-tinted glasses. Raffles and Steve are the pessimists in the group, and even they have Obama winning by 20 EVs.

Join us next week for the awards!

Original air date: 11/2/08
Total run time: 2:04:10
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