January 2009

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Episode 53: The Frogurt is Also Cursed

billsimmon 27 Jan 2009 | : episodes

There’s really something to celebrate this week… LOST is back! Yay! Oh, and it’s Obama’s first week in office too. This week the PSFR crew delves deeply into both of these important reasons for celebration, among other poli-sc-fi topics. Please to enjoy…

Original air date: 1/25/09
Total run time: 1:59:02
File size: 54.5 MB

Episode 52: Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass…

billsimmon 20 Jan 2009 | : episodes

In this last episode of PSFR recorded during the Bush administration, the crew discusses what Bush got right in his eight years. The other hour and 59 minutes is spent discussing the inauguration, the potential prosecution of Bush officials for torture, the new episodes of BSG and The Clone Wars and the question is posed: what is your SF urtext?

See you next administration!

Original air date: 1/18/09
Total run time: 1:58:35
File size: 54.3 MB

Episode 51: Mid-Season Replacements

billsimmon 13 Jan 2009 | : episodes

The PSFR crew was kind of all over the map this week, playing catch-up after having missed last week’s show.

There’s Gaza, the economy, the stimulus debate, the Blagojovich scandal, lots of Senate news, and all sorts of transition stuff. Plus the mid-season SF shows are poised to begin. The crew also discussed Rotten Tomatoes’ list of 10 SF flicks for “the thinking man” as well as which Star Trek show was the worst of the franchise (hint: it’s decidedly not DS9).

Original air date: 1/11/09
Total run time: 1:59:42
File size: 54.8 MB