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Bad weather this week – no PSFR.

billsimmon 22 Feb 2009 | : episodes, housekeeping

We’re having a last minute cancellation of the show this week. We’re getting a lot of snow and Steve has to drive quite a ways to the studio. See you all next week!

Some SF links to hold you over:

Episode 56: Filibuster Vigilently

billsimmon 17 Feb 2009 | : episodes

This week we the PSFR crew were pleased to be joined by The American Prospect’s Ezra Klein, who discussed his recent call for an end to the filibuster. Ezra also admitted that he still watches Heroes and he says he’s hopeful that the show will start getting better soon. Ezra appears in the second half hour of the show.

Other topics naturally included Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse premiere as well as discussions about the latest BSG and LOST episodes. The stimulus bill was passed, the GOP still doesn’t understand how Twitter works, Judd Gregg’s departure from the Commerce Sec. nomination process is confusing, and Rush Limbaugh is a (unpatriotic) big fat idiot.

Original air date: 2/15/09
Total run time: 1:59:26
File size: 54.7 MB

Science Fiction links of stuff we didn’t get to:

  • If you want to know how they make Rorscach’s mask change, check this out.
  • SciFi Scanner interviews Whedon and we get a little insight into Dollhouse.
  • SF Signal properly complains about FOX…do not read if you’re not caught up with Fringe. [note for B&S: complaint is doing a great cliff hanger and then not bringing show back until April. yeah, great move]
  • OMG, worst list ever, so bad it is an offense! We could do better (right??).
  • Demystifying classic SF sound effects.
  • Sure to please everyone: The top 12 sci-fi plot devices geeks love to hate.  12 gets me every time (because I’m so jealous!), and 7 goes without saying
  • Major nerdgassing on the final 5 story, including a Samantha Carter quote (Stargate universe)

Episode 55: The “Stimulus Package”… in 3-D!

billsimmon 09 Feb 2009 | : episodes

What’s with all this 3-D media these days? The PSFR crew discusses this and other important issues this week. The economic stimulus “compromise” is the big story, but the crew also talks LOST and nerdgasses in the extreme over the most recent BSG episode. Dollhouse premieres Friday! w00t! Emily and Bill saw Coraline and talk about it, spoiler-free (hint: it’s good!).

Also, stay tuned for a bonus post featuring links to a bunch of SF/Fantasy stuff we didn’t get to this week.

Original air date: 2/8/09
Total run time: 1:58:28
File size: 54.2 MB

Science Fiction topics we didn’t get to:

Lost Specific Links:

  • J Wood’s post about the latest Lost episode. A lot of literary references and high falutin’ concepts, so don’t feel bad if you have to breeze through it.  Some great observations, though.
  • Theory on Lost board about “the sickness.”  The bottom line?  “time shifting + exposure to radiation or electromagnetism = THE SICKNESS”
  • Blog discussion about the latest Lost episode that includes discussion of Sun’s papers (with link to screengrab).  Hmmm, who is our mystery lady?
  • Lost board thread about the bible and Lost and all the various conenctions.  Quite a lot apparently.
  • Has Lost’s writing been dumbed down?  Do you care?

BSG Specific Links:

Episode 54: “I’m Stimulating Him.”

billsimmon 03 Feb 2009 | : episodes

The title of this episode is a lame reference to the economic stimulus story this week. Ten nerd points to the first listener who correctly guesses the quote’s origin.

OMFG BSG was actually good this week. Even Bill had to grudgingly admit it. Other topics covered include the fate of Blago, Tom Daschel’s confirmation troubles, Bill Kristol’s astounding job security, and some thoughts on Gitmo and all those terrorists who will be walking our streets after it closes. Oh yeah, and LOST is still kicking butt. Enjoy.

Original air date: 2/1/09
Total run time: 1:59:58
File size: 54.9 MB