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Episode 69: There Are No Paradoxes.

billsimmon 27 May 2009 | : episodes

It’s a light week for SF stuff despite the opening of the new Terminator film, which nobody in the crew had seen yet (look for our review next Sunday). Here are my pre-show notes, verbatim..

True Blood coming back 6/14
Terminator mixed reviews – 34%
What’s with all the T2 love?
Time travel rules
V upfront
trek and verisimilitude
Wrap up cancellation discussion
Fringe character not coming back.

Speeches – cheney v. obama!
talk emily down
gitmo vote
mancow – waterboard thing
SCOTUS nominee this week
stupid people saying stupid things: steele edition
Gay marriage DC
Liberty University college dems
speed reader story

Original air date: 5/24/09
Total run time 1:57:29
File size: 53.8 MB

Episode 68: Obama is a Grapthar’s Hammer!

billsimmon 20 May 2009 | : episodes

By the Sons of Warvan, you must listen to the entire podcast to grok its title. So there!

Here are my pre-show notes, verbatim…

dollhouse renewed!
LOST season finale – out with a bang
fate of TTSCC, Chuck up in the air.
NRO crazy Star Trek rant
“New Foundation” nod to Asimov
Angels and Demons
Grapthar’s Hammer

Bad things O is doing on civil liberties
Pelosi nonsense
John Huntsman new ambasador to China
notre dame speech today – pro choice catholics mad
new foundation
bill donahue demanded disclaimer
florida – crist running for senate

Original air date: 5/17/09
Total run time: 1:57:36
File size: 53.8 MB

Episode 67: Boldly Going

billsimmon 17 May 2009 | : episodes

[Apologies for the late posting of this episode.]

Star Trek! OMG!

Oh, and there’s some politics and the Dollhouse season finale. And Star Trek!!!

Original air date: 5/10/09
Total run time: 1:59:32
File size: 54.7 MB

Many apologies

billsimmon 15 May 2009 | : housekeeping

We did record episode 67 on Sunday 5/10, but I’ve been off from work this week and my “staycation” has been so busy I haven’t found the time to upload it (also, being at work gives me access to machines that speed up the process). I’m going to try and get it up BEFORE the new show on Sunday.

I know it sucks to hear PSFR any more than a few days after it’s recorded because much of what we discuss is topical, but you’ll really want to hear this one because we talk all about the new Trek film. So stay tuned!

Episode 66: It’s shrinkage!

billsimmon 05 May 2009 | : episodes

The GOP’s continuing shrinkage problem is a focus on this week’s PSFR as Senator Specter switches parties and moderate Republicans are feeling increasingly like they’re being left out in the cold. David Souter, Steve’s favorite sitting SCOTUS judge, is stepping down, presenting President Obama with his first Supreme Court vacancy. Also, Chuck’s season ended and the season’s penultimate Dollhouse episode generated some interesting discussions. LOST is still awesome and Michelle Bachman is still a loon.

Star Trek opens this week! W00t!

Original air date: 5/3/09
Total run time: 1:57:00
File size 53.6 MB