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Show called on account of…

billsimmon 28 Jun 2009 | : housekeeping

…sports? Yes, Emily and I are canceling this week’s show so we can watch the US face off against Brazil in the Confederations Cup final in South Africa on Sunday afternoon. We’d TiVo the game but match results keep getting spoiled for us so we’re going to watch it live. We’ll be back next week with an all new PSFR. See you then!

Episode 73: Speaking Klingon to Power

billsimmon 23 Jun 2009 | : episodes

My pre-show notes got nuked in a computer crash this week so I can’t copy them here, but we talked about Iran (of course) and conservative (or rather, neo-conservative) complaints about how the President is handling the situation here in the US. We discussed the recent SCOTUS decision regarding DNA testing for prisoners, and Steve defended the Obama administration against *some* of the attacks coming at it from the left in general and the gay community in particular, but he did not defend them on DADT, which he agrees they’re wrong on.

We talked about Let the Right One In, Kings, John Hodgman’s appearance at the TV and radio correspondants’ dinner and the return of True Blood, among other genre topics. Enjoy…

Original air date: 6/21/09
Total run time: 1:59:58
File size: 54.9 MB

Episode 72: Iran: So Far Away

billsimmon 17 Jun 2009 | : episodes

The Iranian elections lead the week and an all-star Stupid People Saying Stupid Things ends it. In between we talk about all sorts of stuff. Here are my pre-show notes…

True Blood back tonight
top 10 ways to provoke a geek argument
top 10 science films
top 10 existential films of all time
boy hit my meteorite – what suerpowers did he get?
futurama – 5th season
y the last man – no shia labouf
whedon interview

WH angle on Iran
James von Brun holocaust attack
Rush stupidity
achmed ghailani – bin laden’s bodyguard in NYC (sky still up)
WH to back down on bringing Gitmo detainees to US
Sotomayor hearings to begin July 13
Mark Kirk in China
N Korea and UN security council update

Original air date: 6/14/09
Total run time: 1:58:50
File size: 54.4 MB

Episode 71: Stupid People Saying Stupid Things

billsimmon 08 Jun 2009 | : episodes

This episode marks the inaugural edition of a new regular feature on PSFR: Stupid People Saying Stupid Things (featuring an intro jingle by PSFR resident maestro, XJ3!). See if you can guess who Steve and Bill will vote for in this week’s 4-way race for stupidest thing uttered by a stupid person.

It was also our first week reviewing a SF DVD we’d we’d agreed ahead of time to watch, and Emily, Bill and the chatters agreed that The Man Who Fell to Earth was really, really awful. Steve was spared it’s awfulness. We’re watching Tron this week (which Bill has never seen!), in case you’d like to follow along at home.

Bill’s pre-show notes follow below…

psfr 071

the man who fell to earth (ugh)
Land of the Lost (meh)
reboot list
firfely tease
lost statue
blade runner web series – ridley scott revisiting his best franchises?
10 greatest SF comedies
10 best nerd tv still running & worth watching
Kings back next weekend
Priveval is BAD
Steve 1/2 done with Y the last man

best unemployment month since sept.
manuel miranda leading opposition
John Mchugh – sec. of Army nominee – 5th rep. to join administration
will left rebel?
NH gay marriage
n. korea – bill kristol said something stupid
Liz Cheney on TV all the time – 22 appearances in 24 days

Stupid People nominees
1. rick santorum – date night
2. michael goldfarb – suggests obama speaks arabic
3. sarah palin – econ 101
4. jim inhofe – obama unamerican


Original air date: 6/7/09
Total run time: 1:59:22
File size: 54.6 MB

Episode 70: Black to the Future

billsimmon 02 Jun 2009 | : episodes

This week the PSFR crew welcomed blogger Danielle Belton from The Black Snob on the air to discuss her recent piece in The American Prospect called Blacks in Space. Danielle’s interview takes place in the 2nd half hour of the show.

SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor was the big story this week. The rest of my show notes follow, verbatim…

Terminator wars
new Alien movie
Buckaroo Banzai TV show (again?)
Buffy movie sans Joss – WTF?
Pushing Daisies back to end its run
brothers bloom
Night at the Smithsonian
Blacks in Space
how to lie about books
Summer Glau on Dollhouse?

Sonia Sotomayor
David Petreaus
N. Korea being bad
Obama car dealer conspiracy
prop 8 – California state supreme court ruling

Original air date: 5/31/09
Total run time: 1:59:35
File size: 54.8 MB