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Episode 83:No Fate But What We Make

billsimmon 29 Sep 2009 | : episodes

Pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

no fate but what we make – save TSCC
Shaun of the Dead
Katamari Forever
Whedon production co.?
Stargate SGU starts friday
Kings DVD – Tuesday
Fringe sason premiere
WH13 season finale
mad men

*finance committee
*public option stuff
*individual mandates
*thought exp: what if GOP had said yes to bauccus
*party unity strategy
*100 days since house GOP guaranteed rep. HCR plan


counter terrorism stuff
un general assembly/sec council/g20/iran
fema/H1N1 – gov. competence
Inhofe “truth squad”
Paul Kirk 60th US senator
McCain on sunday morning talk shows – 13th of the year
fake Rep survey

Original air date: 9/27/09
Total run time: 2:00:14
File size: 55 MB

Episode 82:Not Taking “Yes” for an Answer

billsimmon 22 Sep 2009 | : episodes

Pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

Storm Troopers 9/11 video
True Blood finale
Dune remake – action film
sci-fi vs. fantasy again
Dollhouse season 2 – ray wise, summer glau
Fringe season premiere
warehouse 13 – col. tigh
Eureka/Defying Gravity – series finale?
Hellboy 2

*max bauccus
*jay rockefeller
*olympia snow
GOP won’t take yes for an answer
MA – 60th dem senator?
missile defense
counter-terrorism going well – why not a bigger deal?


Original air date: 9/20/09
Total run time: 1:57:32
File size: 53.8 MB

Episode 81: All This Rigamorole

billsimmon 15 Sep 2009 | : episodes

Pre-show notes follow…


the surrogates

SF fall TV preview
*vampire diaries (CW – sept. 10)
*dollhouse (Fox – sept. 25)
*Eastwick (ABC – sept. 23)
*FlashForward (ABC – sept. 24)
*Fringe (Fox – sept. 17)
*Heroes (NBC – sept. 21)
*Clone Wars (Toon – oct. 2)
*Stargate Universe (SyFy – Oct. 2)
*V (ABC – Nov. 3)
*the prisoner (AMC – Nov.)

GATTACA – postponed

Shaun of the Dead
Warehouse 13 – Badger actor


*max baucus
*blue dog trouble in house
*prog trouble in house
*eric cantor on “compromise”
*joe wilson and “you lie”

9/12 rally
census data from census bureau



Original air date: 9/13/09
Total run time: 2:00:21
File size: 55.1 MB

Episode 80: Freedom of Speeches

billsimmon 09 Sep 2009 | : episodes

Sorry this took so long for me to post. My birthday weekend made me forget all of my responsibilities. w00t! My pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

Parker GN
Walking Dead – AMC
Trueblood – awful!
The Prisoner trailer
Fox is rebooting FF
Marvel bought by the mouse
high vs. low budget SF
Chuck to get 13 eps
WH13/Eueka/Being Human/Defying Gravity
Stargate Atlantis
Reaper season 2

unemployment #s little better
*speech on wed. joint session
*lines in the sand
*gang of six
stay-in-school scandal – shark-jumping moment
bob mcdonnel – next gov of VA – thesis
WH transparency – visitor logs
Van Jones – Glenn Beck

Original air date: 9/6/09
Total run time: 2:00:04
File size: 55 MB