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Episode 87: The Slingshot Effect

billsimmon 27 Oct 2009 | : episodes

Pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

*why did sierra have to stay?
*moral ambiguity is the show’s biggest problem
*wasn’t Topher’s plan dumb? Why not give Sierra assassin skills?
*directed by Riker
*ratings down again
*not back until December – back to back eps.
*Gerry: “The show, never all that certain what it wanted to be about in the first place, is showing serious strain from being pulled in so many different directions at once. Is it a critically acclaimed loss leader or is it supposed to have high ratings? Is it an Eliza Dushku vehicle or an ensemble show? Is it serial or episodic? Are its characters tragic or villainous? Is it a feminist critique of late capitalism or a machine for generating sexy girls in miniskirts?”
*Dollhouse among Whedon pantheon?

*bad science of slingshots
*were the reality shots all flash forwards?
* No way Rush knew
* Still showing sunburns (attention to detail)

*showrunner leaves – Braga not involved

*The Eclipse
*Best Worst/Troll 2

Harlan Ellison wins $1 suit over City on the Edge of Forever

Blomkamp’s next film gets financing – balls out SF

Health care
* Senate – merger meetings, opt-out PO, “close to” 60, Lieberman/Landrieu, trigger, Ben Nelson still problematic, Snowe wants delays
* House – short of 218 on robust, will tolerate opt-out PO
* White House – still eyeing trigger, pragmatic search for 60

* Public option looks strong
* GOP finds slipping party ID, lower confidence – how many going right?
* Worst GOP favorability rating in 11 years

Sane drug policy

Regulatory change we can believe in
* Bush admin misused discretion


Original air date: 10/25/09
Total run time: 2:00:54
File size: 55.4 MB

Episode 86: “Full-On Russian Gulag Soviet Style Gulag Health Care”

billsimmon 19 Oct 2009 | : episodes

The title of this week’s episode is a sneak peek at Stupid People Saying Stupid Things. Don’t miss it! My pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

Clone Wars – bad episode!
SGU – who’s in charge?
Flash Forward – can you change the future? should be answerable. – charlie’s entrance ridiculous
Whedon reads Walking Dead
Stross on Star Trek
Dollhouse to get at least 13 episodes
2007 short season – chuck, journeyman, bionic woman, pushing daisies, reaper, scc, life

Health care reform
* Finance Committee approves Baucus bill
* Snowe
* Lieberman

* Dow Jones, 10,000
* $1.4 trillion deficit

New website for the RNC
* Bad start for “cutting edge” agenda
* GOP, 2.D’oh
* “Ronaldus Magnus”

White House vs. Fox News
* Recent shift in strategy
* Rove’s complaining

March for Equality
* Relative success
* Media’s interest (lack thereof)

Franken amendment


Original air date: 10/18/09
Total run time: 2:01:25
File size: 55.6 MB

Episode 85: Nobel Pursuits

billsimmon 13 Oct 2009 | : episodes

My pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

Dollhouse – ratings better – off next week
Clone Wars
Chuck back soon
LOST/FF venn diagram
Fringe (Nimoy, Charlie, key details)

Nobel Peace Prize
* Obama wins
* Defensible honor
* Obama humbly accepts
* More reverse cheerleading from the right
* Historically, an aspirational award
* Limbaugh, Taliban on the same page

Health care reform
* CBO likes Finance Committee bill
* Carper compromise (opt in) gets a makeover (opt out)
* Dean can accept it
* “Republicans for Reform”
* Even Jindal (9 out of 10)
* Doctors, doctors, doctors
* Shep Smith endorses public option

Obama to HRC
* Big speech

Cap and Trade
* Kerry and Graham?

Filibuster procedural stuff (follow up on last week’s question)


Original air date: 10/11/09
Total run time: 1:54:44
File size: 52.5 MB

Episode 84: But What Has Obama Done for Me Lately?

billsimmon 06 Oct 2009 | : episodes

Pre-show notes follow, verbatim…


Clone Wars
Dollhouse (ratings, Topher’s relative creepiness)
Stargate Universe
Cosmos remixed
Sorkin/Fincher – The Social Network
Santuary season 2

Babies! Jim B. & Ntodd!

Has Obama really done nothing, SNL?

filibuster follow-up


* Nothing good

Health care
* Votes on public option
*not necessarily bad news
*McConnell on no GOP votes
*Obama still supports public option
*reverse Robin Hood amendment
*Boehner needs to get out more

*initial reaction
*day after

Alan Grayson
John Ensign in trouble again

Original air date 10/4/09
Total run time: 1:58:18
File size: 54.2 MB