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Episode 91: Reconsidering Reconciliation

billsimmon 30 Nov 2009 | : episodes

Official PSFR note-taker Mike was on a train during this week’s show and didn’t take his usual copious notes, so I’m back to copying my pre-show notes this week. Our special guest in the studio was Alex Woolfson. Check out his recently released short film, Pitch, here.

New star drive possibilitties – dark matter and mini black holes
Joss gets PGA vanguard award
FF hold
dumbness of sci-fi wire

Health care
- Reconciliation
- Public option polls shows low priority
- Problem with leverage
- Giving the Maine Moderates another look?
- Lieberman against triggers
- Lieberman’s series of excuses
- Public option worth fighting for?

- Announcement Tuesday at West Point
- New tax? (“Pay as you fight”)

Obama’s Asia trip went well

Sarah Palin
Dana Perino
Beck on Palin
Rush Limbaugh

Original air date: 11/29/09
Total run time: 2:00:20
File size: 55.1 MB

Episode 90: Every Step is a Milestone

billsimmon 23 Nov 2009 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes are viewable after the jump…

Original air date: 11/22/09
Total run time: 1:57:30
File size: 53.8 MB

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Episode 89: Further Than the Status Quo

billsimmon 16 Nov 2009 | : episodes

We’re trying something new this week. PSFR listener extraordinaire Mike M. took exhaustive notes during this week’s live stream with time stamps and everything. These should do a better job of helping podcast listeners navigate the specific content of the shows. The notes are lengthy, so I’m hiding them below the fold of the post. Mike says he’s willing to do this on a regular basis — sort of like taking secretarial minutes at a meeting — but should he be unable to perform this task, I can always revert to posting my pre-show notes. Click “continue reading” below to view the show notes.

Original air date: 11/15/09
Total run time: 2:01:34
File size: 55.7 MB

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Episode 88: …And You Go In Pieces

billsimmon 09 Nov 2009 | : episodes

We’re back! What a huge week. My pre-show notes follow, verbatim…

* universal healthcare, but unnecessary wars
FF (note kangaroo, immutable)
Clone Wars
Jacob’s Ladder
Alien – director’s cut
Whedon wants Terminator franchise?
new BSG movie – yawn
Chuck gets six more episodes for third season

Health care
* lone GOP vote
* 11/5 tea party event

Off-year elections
* two gubernatorial, two congressional, ballot measures
* responses to elections in parties

* unemployment

Fort Hood shootings


Original air date: 1/8/09
Total run time: 1:59:34
File size: 54.7 MB

No show today!

billsimmon 01 Nov 2009 | : housekeeping

The film festival and other mid autumn things have conspired to keep us off the air this week, but we’ll return on Sunday 11/8 with a new show that’s doubly awesome! Stay tuned…