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Episode 100: How is That Even Possible?

billsimmon 23 Feb 2010 | : episodes

From Steve, Emily and me, thanks to everyone who helped to make the first 100 episodes of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio a success!

Guests who have joined us on the phone include: Gerry Canavan, Ezra Klein, Adam Serwer, Philip Baruth, Danielle Belton, Matt Yglesias, Brian Wood, Casey McKinnon and Rachel Maddow.

Guests who have joined us in the studio include: Gerry Canavan, Negin Farsad, Alex Woolfson, Alex Chaffee and Nick Chaffee.

We’ve been blessed with behind-the-scenes assistance from: Emily Stoneking, Jeff Botas, Eve Benen, Mike McCaffrey, Pete Kellers, Gerry Canavan, Jim Brayton, Lia Venner, Bradley Holt, Jason Pelletier, and of course Jim, Lee and all the folks who volunteer at The Radiator.

We’re grateful to our primary underwriter, VCAM, for all of the great community media assistance.

And we’re particularly grateful to our community of regular live stream listeners and chatters. You lot make us feel like we’re not just talking because we like the sounds of our own voices.

Here’s hoping the next 100 episodes are just as great!

Mike’s show notes follow…

00:01 Introductions

00:05 The Stimulus Bill: 1 Year Later

00:1? Evan Bayh and debating filibuster reform

00:22 The public is now undead

00:25 Station and show identification

00:26 Thanking Helpful People Doing Helpful Things

00:27 Interview with Brian Wood! (comic book writer and illustrator)

00:42 Rachel Maddow is on Poli-Sci-Fi Radio!

01:04 Lost

01:14 Random sci-fi tidbits

01:15 Matt Yglesias interview!

01:30 Station and show identification

01:31 Casey McKinnon (actress and web video pioneer)

01:46 Interview with Gerry

01:48 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things
* Former Vice President Dan Quayle
* Fox News’ Steve Doocy
* Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.)
* U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida
* Fox News’ Glenn Beck

01:57 Back-patting on a successful 100th episode

The Big One Hundred

billsimmon 19 Feb 2010 | : housekeeping

I’m pretty excited about this! Join Steve, Emily and me on Sunday from 4 – 6 P.M. eastern time for the live broadcast & stream of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio’s 100th episode. Special guests joining us during Sunday’s broadcast/stream include…

We’ll also be joined by our regular cast and crew, and as always, we’ll discuss the week’s big items in political and genre-related news.

It’s kind of hard to believe we’ve done 100 episodes. That’s 200 hours or political/sci-fi talk! And we don’t get paid! What are we thinking?!

Tune in live on Sunday at 4:00 P.M. eastern and join our live chat here.

For those of you who miss the live stream, the podcast of the episode will be posted on Tuesday evening.

As the kids say, ZOMG!

Cough, wheeze, show #100 postponed until next week!

billsimmon 13 Feb 2010 | : housekeeping

Someone kissed the frog I had in my throat during last week’s show and it’s turned into a prince of a cold/flu thing. I’m just now on the mend (seriously, this is first day I’ve felt like could do anything other than lay there and moan) and I’ve decided to cancel tomorrow’s show. I’d be canceling it even if it wasn’t show #100, but because it’s kind of a big show for us, I really do want to do a little bit of prep for it and make it special, and I just haven’t been able to do anything. So the extra week will give me a chance to get my ducks in a row. Plus, I have a hair trigger cough that hits whenever I inhale more than a tiny amount of air so the show would be hard to listen to anyway.

So next week will be our 100th episode of PSFR. We’re trying to line up some special guests and I’m told there will be cake (the cake is a lie). If anyone has any suggestions for what we might do, chime in. We’ll still be discussing a few political stories and LOST (of course), but we’ll make some time for some guests and some looking back at the last 100 episodes. Thoughts?

Episode 99: The Shelby Shakedown

billsimmon 08 Feb 2010 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes follow after the jump.

Original air date: 2/7/10
Total run time: 2:00:51
File size: 58 MB

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Episode 98: Back This Week: LOST & the Dems’ Mojo

billsimmon 02 Feb 2010 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes are after the jump…

Original air date: 1/31/10
Total run time: 1:57:39
File size: 56.5 MB

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