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Episode 110: Damn you to Hell, Geoff Kennedy (again!)

billsimmon 28 May 2010 | : episodes

My sincere apologies for this podcast-upload being so late. I’m on vacation and away from the gear I normally use for editing, not to mention being away from the routine in which I normally upload these things. Anyway, as mentioned in this episode, we’ll be doing a new PSFR live this coming Sunday and then we’ll begin our summer schedule, which will reduce our output to an every-two-weeks schedule for June, July and August. After Labor Day, we’ll resume a weekly schedule again.

Mike’s show notes follow…

Original air date: 5/32/10
Total run time: 1:59:57
File size: 57.6 MB

00:02 Announcing the summer schedule of every two weeks

00:04 BP Oil Spill

00:09 Wall Street Reform

00:1? Barack Obama’s Legacy

00:30 Station ID

00:31 Alex Ch’s claim that Barack Obama is a Republican

00:46 Chuck

00:50 Flash Forward

00:53 V

00:56 Doctor Who

00:58 Station ID and underwriters

00:58 Elections and the media’s story that incumbents are losing

01:04 PA’s 12th District

01:10 Kentucky and Rand Paul

01:28 Elena Kagan and her nomination to the Supreme Court

01:31 Station and show ID

01:32 Upcoming genre shows Bill and Steve have seen trailers for

01:36 What shows are being renewed and canceled (mostly non-genre)

01:37 Iron Man 2

01:4? Something or another

01:49 Bill tells the story about how Empire was ruined for him, yet again

01:52 The internet saves a couple of girls!

01:53 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things

No PSFR today

billsimmon 16 May 2010 | : housekeeping

Per Emily’s tweet last night, which read, “*COUGH*cough*hack*wheeze*wince*sniffle*,” we are canceling today’s episode and we’ll return next week.

Episode 109: The Mother of All Mother’s Days

billsimmon 12 May 2010 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes follow below.

Original air date: 5/9/10
Total run time: 2:00:24
File size: 57.8 MB

00:01 Happy Mother’s Day!

00:03 It’s that time of the month… job numbers.

00:15 The British Parliament

00:19 The Greek Tragedy

00:21 BP Oil Spill

00:25 Did Obama blow up the oil platform?

00:27 The climate/energy bill and political impact of the oil spill

00:34 station and show id

00:35 Lingering on acoustic oil drilling sensors

00:37 Iron Man 2

00:45 A big episode of Lost

00:52 Chuck

00:57 No Fringe, V, or Doctor Who from Steve

00:58 Station and Show ID

01:00 Times Square bomber was caught fleeing

01:11 Joe Lieberman’s TEA Act

01:18 Muslim street vendor helped spot the bomb

01:20 Supreme Court appointment is imminent

01:23 Senator Bennet is not running for re-election

01:28 Back to the Public Safety Exemption

01:32 SGU

01:39 Fringe has a Goonies person

01:41 The looming asteroid threat

01:47 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things

- Fox’s Eric Bowling on the BP oil disaster response

- Peter King know someone is a citizen, “but still”

- Dan Fanelli is running on a platform of racial profiling

- Sarah Palin says the constitution is based on religion

- Liz Cheney thinks Miranda rights are the wrong way to win the war

Episode 108: Those People Are Wrong

billsimmon 06 May 2010 | : episodes

Sorry it’s taken so long to get this posted this week — it’s been one of the busiest weeks of my year (end of the semester) and I’ve been super busy. I apologize for the extra loud background hiss in this episode — I was in a rush to get it up and bypassed my usual signal processing. Mike’s notes are below.

Original air date: 5/2/10
Total run time: 1:59:33
File size: 57.4 MB

00:00 Weird feedback loop stops

00:01 Bomb scare in Times Square

00:10 Oil Spill disaster

00:19 Change in US energy and climate policy

00:21 GDP numbers

00:23 Station and show id

00:25 No Lost, so talking about Chuck first instead

00:32 Star Trek Voyager is full of superlative worsts

00:42 SGU (which is now being shown on Hulu 8 days after initial airing)

00:50 Fringe: the musical

00:51 Flash Forward now with Baltar

00:55 Republicans repeatedly filibuster Wall Street reform

01:03 Energy bill is suffering due to no expanded drilling

01:04 Immigration reform, protests, and the AZ law

01:12 Charlie Crist leaves the Republican party

01:18 Jeff Green is a billionaire who is making a primary run for senate

01:20 Moderates are not allowed in the Republican party

01:27 Station and show id and underwriting

01:28 A light summer for Sci-Fi, but a couple of things are coming up

~01:35 Where are things going with the new Batman?

01:39 Clone Wars season finale

01:40 Poem on dead lost characters

01:44 Stupid People saying stupid things

- Tim James thinks only English-speaking people should take driver’s tests

- Duncan Hunter Jr wants to deport the children of illegal immigrants

- Pat Betroche wants to radio chip immigrants like pets

- Rush Limbaugh thinks environmentalists may have caused the oil spill