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Episode 113: What Was That Robot Thinking?

billsimmon 28 Jun 2010 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes are below…

Original air date: 6/27/10
Total run time: 1:58:28
File size: 56.9 MB

00:03 Oil spill: warning, measurements may vary

00:07 Oil spill: takes bronze for worst spill ever

00:10 Oil spill: conflictedly injunctifying the moratorium

00:14 Oil spill: the shakedown fallout

00:17 Oil spill: republicans support BP

00:23 Oil spill: Jindal can’t always get what he wants, but if he tries sometime, he just might find, he’s got what he needs

00:26 Oil spill: relief wells


00:30 True Blood: icky awful erotica and repetitive unnecessary traumatization

00:37 Futurama: returning to fill the void that is the sci-fi comedy genre

00:41 Red Dwarf: Bill and Steve prove their taste [is impeccable]

00:42 Doctor Who: British people have funny names

00:46 Chuck: vs. the 5 week delay

00:49 A-Team: good to see if you need air conditioning on a hot summer day

00:53 Toy Story 3: so good it made Bill cry

00:54 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: much better than you think it would be


00:58 Bill: having an identity crisis from caring about sports

01:00 General McChrystal: a shakeup bigger than the concurrent VT earthquake

01:06 General Petraeus: Taking the reigns

01:09 Kagan Nomination: hearings begin Monday

01:10 Failed unemployment extension: apparently 41 > 57

01:13 Republicans: undermining the economy for political gain?

01:22 Wall Street Reform: passes conference committee

01:25 Carbon reduction: utility only may pass, despite republicans resisting all cap and trade

01:27 Bob Inglis: lost primary as part of a republican purge of sane people


01:33 The G20: why are people protesting?

01:35 The Hobbit: Peter Jackson might actually direct it

01:37 Bill: he is not a big fantasy guy

01:38 Shane Carruth: A Topiary synopsis makes no sense, as would be expected

01:40 Movies: they’re releasing more of them, mostly bad

01:43 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things:

- Steve King: profiling, it is a common 6th sense thing

- Sarah Palin: we should get help from European dikes

- Brian Kilmeade: what was that robot thinking?

- Joe Barton: the escrow is a shakedown

- Bill Randal (not a conspiracy theorist): it is a conspiracy

- Thomas Sowell: presents a fine example of Godwin’s Law

01:55 Texas Republican Party Platform: this is why we have crazy people in congress

Episode 112: Chuck vs. The TiVo Situation

billsimmon 15 Jun 2010 | : episodes

Mike’s show notes are below…

Original air date: 5/13/10
Total run time: 1:57:51
File size: 56.6 MB

00:03 The World Cup and how the right hates non-American football

00:12 The still-ongoing BP oil disaster

00:19 GOP criticism of the president

00:23 Boehner wants taxpayers to pay to clean up the spill

00:28 Station and show id

00:30 Chuck vs. the TiVo situation

00:31 SGU two part finale

00:41 True Blood is back tonight

00:43 Splice: Worst. Movie. Ever.

00:48 Torchwood to Starz in 2011

00:52 Guillermo Del Toro decided not to do the Hobbit movie

00:57 Climate bill progress

01:09 Primary elections

01:30 Station and show ID

01:31 Fringe

01:34 Lame Flash Forward stunt

01:38 Firefly Blu Ray, Monster Cows, and the new Wash comic

01:43 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things

- Michele Bachman wanted the President to commandeer boats

- Jake Knotts of SC called Obama a rag-head and India not a foreign country

- Kit Bond declares that trees would die without carbon

- Bill Kristol thinks real men don’t need experts to know whose ass to kick

- Jeffrey Kuhner degraded the office of the presidency and so much more

- Scott Brown think that the EPA is a non-governmental organization

Episode #111 Lost Legacy

billsimmon 01 Jun 2010 | : episodes

No Mike’s notes this week, so my pre-show notes follow below…

Original air date: 5/30/10
Total run time: 1:56:20
File size: 55.8 MB

Lost series finale
Chuck season finale
SGU (we actually forgot to talk about it last week)
FlashForward series finale
summer genre movies


BP oil spill disaster
* “Top kill” didn’t work
* Worst case scenario: August?
* Vague, pointless criticism

DADT repeal
* Key breakthroughs on the Hill (just as it was planned months ago)
* What could still go wrong
* filibuster/veto issues

CBO: stimulus created 2.8 million jobs

Sestak “controversy”
* Was offered unpaid advisory gig
* No one can find any actual wrongdoing
* GOP wants a special prosecutor

America Speaking Out
* The latest in a series of gimmicks
* Taxpayers footing the bill
* Initial entries are pretty nutty

Exaggerated service records
* First Blumenthal, now Mark Kirk
* Long history: Bush, Reagan, and Lindsey Graham

Possible discussion topic
* Creating controversies out of routine, mundane developments


Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) resigns after sex scandal
* Teaching moment for far-right moralists

* AFA’s Bryan Fisher
* Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden (R)
* Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas)
* Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R)