June 2013

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Episode 221: It’s a Nice Day for a Gay Wedding

billsimmon 27 Jun 2013 | : episodes

…or just “a wedding,” as we can now stop making the distinction. This episode was recorded prior to the big SCOTUS cases this week, but you can hear us talk about them in preview, along with all the other stuff…

Original air date: 6/23/13
Total run time: 1:55:48
File size: 55.6 MB

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Episode 220: It’s a Nice Day for a Red Wedding

billsimmon 11 Jun 2013 | : episodes

This week marks the start of our bi-weekly summer schedule. We return to a weekly schedule around Labor Day. Pre-show notes follow after the jump…

Original air date: 6/9/12
Total run time: 1:57:49
File size: 56.6 MB

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