We’re trying something new this week. PSFR listener extraordinaire Mike M. took exhaustive notes during this week’s live stream with time stamps and everything. These should do a better job of helping podcast listeners navigate the specific content of the shows. The notes are lengthy, so I’m hiding them below the fold of the post. Mike says he’s willing to do this on a regular basis — sort of like taking secretarial minutes at a meeting — but should he be unable to perform this task, I can always revert to posting my pre-show notes. Click “continue reading” below to view the show notes.

Original air date: 11/15/09
Total run time: 2:01:34
File size: 55.7 MB

NOTE: Time stamps are about 30 seconds late due to the live note-taking process differing somewhat from show-time. Adjust accordingly.

0:05 Healthcare with the Stupak anti-abortion for poor people amendment

“No shortage of controversy” Steve 0:12

“Further than the status quo” Steve 0:14

0:22 CBO evaluating the bill

0:25 even the trigger is too much for Joe Lieberman

0:27 Judd Greg plans to redundantly filibuster

0:27 No senate republican bill

0:30 Station ID and talking about the frustrating chat and thank you to Lia

0:32 Dollhouse RIP. Whodunnit?

0:39 SGU is the best sci-fi show on television

0:43 V is eh. Its numbers are down.

0:49 Flash Forward continues to annoy and interest. Its numbers are down.

“numbskulls at the network” Bill 0:52

0:55 Fringe was a very good X-Files-like episode. Its numbers are down.

0:56 Station ID

0:57 Resumed the previously aborted discussion on healthcare

“You’ve inadvertently funded abortion. Congratulations!” – Steve 0:59

1:03 “Steele scares fellow republicans” (the white ones)

1:06 “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and the Associates” go on tour. First gig, NYC!

1:12 Boehner and Giuliani whine about criminals ending up in court

1:17 Harry Reid wants a new jobs bill. Obama wants a job summit. Maybe Steve Jobs can host.

“speaking of last names that end in …obs” – Bill 1:20

1:20 Lou Dobbs is driven to retirement by the knowledge that Steve is more influential than him

“Best segue, ever.” – Emily 1:20

1:22 The Hockey Mom and The Hair. Palin and Blago may be seeking a talkshow.

1:24 Pete Hoekstra leaks classified information yet again

1:25 Pete Hoekstra condemns others for leaking classified information
1:30 Station ID

1:32 One more TV thing: The Prisoner begins amongst bad reviews. Shows that AMC is fallible.
1:34 Star Trek DVD comes out this week. Bill blathers on about his new A/V setup.

1:35 Watchman Ultimate Cut is also coming out

1:36 2012 opened Friday. Bill and Emily are going to see it. It will be on next week’s show. Sounds like nothing but disaster porn action shots.1:38 Emily (rightly) rants about (supposedly) serious TV channels running 2012 special programming.
1:42 James Cameron will outdo his own record of most expensive movie ever with Avatar budget of 500M dollars

“Are we going to see a spate of all 3D movies” – 1:47 Bill
1:48 It is likely Barney Frank might get Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed.

1:49 Steve thinks term limits are stupid. Republicans are rehashing old ideas that didn’t work

1:51 Stupid People Saying Stupid Things, featuring:

- Sarah Palin discusses the plot to secularizing our currency by moving god to the edge of a coin

- Bryan Fischer proposes the invention of a “Jihad Detector”

- Rupert Murdoch disagrees with Glenn Beck’s racist comments. But Obama is in fact a racist.

- Karl Rove acts like his own cliche with a comment about left-wing America haters

- Mark Kirk worries Illinois will be “ground zero” for terrorists because they can’t resist prisons or tall buildings

Next week’s movies: Galaxy Quest and 2012