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Original air date: 11/22/09
Total run time: 1:57:30
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00:04 It is the 2 year PSFR anniversary!

00:07 Health care reform!

00:09 All Dems in the senate voted to bring the bill to the floor for debate. No Republicans joined them

“I found this entire process farcical” – Steve 00:12 (about Republicans not even allowing votes)

“As you know, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but…” 00:13 Bill

00:14 What if someone killed a Democratic senator? It would derail healthcare. Bill starts brainstorming detailed plans.

“This was not on the agenda” – Steve 00:14

“I’m only thinking about this now that I am talking about it” – Bill 00:17

00:20 The historic nature of getting this far with healthcare reform

“Every step is a milestone” – Steve 00:20

00:21 Steve gives a rundown of all the debates that are coming up

“we go to war with the filibuster system we have, not the one we want” – Steve 00:23

“I’d rather have a heathcare bill without a public option that we can add [later] than kill healthcare” – Steve 00:28

00:29 Station and show identification

00:31 Bill plays a tape of an early show, and then Steve has to guess what it was talking about

00:33 2012

“The trailer is a fair depiction of what the movie is like” – Bill 00:33

“Dumber than the Day after Tomorrow.”  – Bill 00:36

“I Disagree. The Day after Tomorrow was as Dumb as Dumb can be” – Emily 00:36

00:37 Galaxy Quest (now in Blu-ray!) There is a language track for Thermian!

00:39 Star Trek in Blu-ray

00:40 Flash Forward

“Not a lot happened” – Steve 1:40

“Let’s stop talking about Flash Forward because I know our chatters hate it” 00:43

00:44 V

“There was nothing obviously offensive about it. So thumbs up!” – Steve 00:44

“[ratings] started off with a bang, but there has been a precipitous decline since” – steve 00:48

00:48 The Prisoner (and its own declining ratings)

“I didn’t like it. I had trouble with it.” – Steve 00:48

“I expected more from the show than that” – Bill 00:51

00:53 Fringe

“If you are going to watch one episode this week, this is it” – Steve 00:55

00:56 Movie of the Week voting ends and it is decided to be “Strange Days”

00:57 Sarah Palin’s book

00:59 Bill plays another mystery clip from an old show

01:01 Back to Healthcare: How can we get stuck now?

“What is the nature of the opposition?” – Steve 01:06

01:08 Harold and Kumar get sent to trial in NYC

“The madness of trying criminals in criminal court” – Bill 01:08

“My hunch is that Giuliani doesn’t believe his own nonsense” – Steve 2:11

01:12 Texas accidentally outlaws all marrige

“The laughter in the background you hear is Emily” Steve 01:15

01:17 The Hamilton Filibuster

01:21 Let’s talk Jobs Bill (and how common economic sense is ass backwards)

“It should be common sense, but it is an uphill political fight” Steve 01:27

“You have to trust experts, but what if the experts are spouting gibberish?” Bill 01:28

01:33 Turning things back to genre

01:34 SGU

“This is my least favorite episode, but this is not a damning statement” Bill 01:34

“This show is good. Yeah, it works.” Bill and Steve 01:35

01:37 Previews of Chuck were released. They are back in the Buy More.

01:28 Lost will come back on Groundhog Day

01:39 Discussion: Twenty Ten or Two Thousand Ten?

01:43 Unintentional Flashback to 2007

01:44 Stupid People Staying Stupid Things

- John Shadegg: “How will you feel when it is your daughter that is kidnapped by terrorsist?”

- Wes Pruden: “Mr Obama likely knows no better.. he has no natural instinct or blood impulse…”

- Rep Gohmert: Democrats want a terrorist attack, since rebuilding would make more jobs

- Sarah Palin: “You won’t see the Evil Empire on the map…”

02:01 Show ends