Official PSFR note-taker Mike was on a train during this week’s show and didn’t take his usual copious notes, so I’m back to copying my pre-show notes this week. Our special guest in the studio was Alex Woolfson. Check out his recently released short film, Pitch, here.

New star drive possibilitties – dark matter and mini black holes
Joss gets PGA vanguard award
FF hold
dumbness of sci-fi wire

Health care
- Reconciliation
- Public option polls shows low priority
- Problem with leverage
- Giving the Maine Moderates another look?
- Lieberman against triggers
- Lieberman’s series of excuses
- Public option worth fighting for?

- Announcement Tuesday at West Point
- New tax? (“Pay as you fight”)

Obama’s Asia trip went well

Sarah Palin
Dana Perino
Beck on Palin
Rush Limbaugh

Original air date: 11/29/09
Total run time: 2:00:20
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