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Original air date: 4/24/11
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Portal 2
Emily finishing All Clear
Another Earth trailer
Batman: Year One cast announced

Game of Thrones
Doctor Who season premier


POTUS takes his message on the road
* Three town-hall events
* Not backing off previous week’s message
* Delivering on exactly what the left was asking for two weeks ago
* Unscripted candor

GOP budget plan wildly unpopular
* McClatchy poll: 80% of the country opposes cutting Medicare or Medicaid as part of a deficit-reduction plan.
* Washington Post/ABC News: 69% oppose Medicaid cuts, 78% oppose Medicare cuts, 72% support raising taxes on those making more than $250k
* Remember when Republicans said polls were paramount?

Debt-ceiling ransom note takes shape
* House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) raises stakes
* Possible structural changes

Ensign resigns, effective May 3
* Why now
* Promising career crashes and burns
* Significant electoral implications
* Republicans to resign in disgrace this year: 2. Major bills passed this year: 0

* Roy Moore, Gary Johnson create presidential exploratory committees
* Breakdown: who’s in, who’s nearly in, who may not get in
* Trump seems increasingly serious, dominating media attention

Brewer vetoes birther bill in Arizona

David Brooks’ Book of Mormon post

Household budgets vs. US budget

1. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.)
2. Donald Trump, reality-show host and possible presidential candidate
3. David Barton, faux-historian, frequent Fox News guest and prominent GOP activist
4. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R), now a presidential candidate
5. Minnesota State House Speaker Kurt Zellers (R)