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Original air date: 9/18/11
Total run time: 1:57:11
File size: 56.3 MB

Torchwood: Miracle Day (finale)
True Blood (finale)
Syfy summer lineup: Alphas, Eureka, Warehouse 13
Clone Wars came back last week
Fringe’s 4th season is back this week, Friday 9/23
S&E Rented “Source Code” – ABC TV series?
Are Bill & Emily watching Fringe yet? – no.

Back to the Future Nike shoes
Contagion – movie
Pandemic – board game
B&E saw TMBG/Jonathan Coulton live


American Jobs Act
* What’s in it
* Defense of government
* Smarter negotiating posture
* Popular (sort of)
* Economists approve (and so do Bernanke, Elmendorf, and the IMF)
* Paying for it
* Road trip(s)
* The nature of the Republican opposition
* Debt-reduction speech tomorrow (note “Buffett Rule”)

* Quickly becoming a two-person race
* Why Obama’s weak poll #s help Perry
* Two big debates since the last PSFR episode
* Endorsements: Romney gets Pawlenty, Perry gets Jindal and Brian Sandoval
* Romney unveils an economic plan
* Bachmann falters, loses her top two aides

Special elections
* GOP wins in Nevada and New York
* Winning ugly in NY9
* Special elections and their predictive value

DADT ends this week

1. Rick Perry, Republican presidential candidate
2. Dick Morris, GOP consultant
3. Rush Limbaugh, right-wing radio host
4. Jeffrey Kuhner, Washington Times columnist
5. Michele Bachmann, Republican presidential candidate