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Original air date: 9/25/11
Total run time: 1:50:32
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Doctor Who
Syfy summer lineup: Alphas, Eureka, Warehouse 13
Clone Wars
Terra Nova premiers tomorrow (Monday)
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil opens 9/30 (but not in any Vt. theaters)

Dead Island
Scientists make movies of our thoughts
Neutrino news and what it says about climate change deniers
Another Nerdist mention for Emily and the Nerdist BBC America show

Will the government shut down on Friday?
* Disaster relief/offsets at heart of the dispute
* House tried “jamming”
* This week was supposed to be a recess
* “The new definition of success”

* Perry’s “train wreck” debate
* Audience boos a gay soldier (who did and didn’t condemn)
* Florida’s P5 straw poll
* Romney’s middle-class problem

American Jobs Act
* Real follow-through
* Debt-reduction plan
* More aggressive White House

GOP vs. the Fed
* An exceedingly unusual letter
* Bernanke ignores them

DADT formally ended this week
* The sky did not fall, and there was no mass exodus out of the Armed Services
* New recruitment opportunities

Park51 center opened its doors this week

The 1983 parallels

1. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.)
2. Bill O’Reilly, Fox News
3. Rick Perry, Republican presidential candidate
4. Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate
5. Mitt Romney, Republican presidentialcandidate