Sorry this one is SO LATE. My Thanksgiving resolution is to post these shows earlier. Pre-show notes follow after the jump…

Original air date: 11/20/11
Total run time: 1:52:54
File size: 54.2 MB

Walking Dead
Terra Nova
How far along are Bill and Emily with Fringe?
Comics: Buffy Season 9, Angel & Faith
Brian K. Vaughan to adapt Under the Dome for Showtime

11/22/63 – SF or not?
Frank Miller’s stupid rant
Russell Tovey leaving Being Human
Arrested development on Netflix in 2013 (Bill will believe it when he sees it)


Capitol Hill
* Super-committee poised to fail
* House easily defeats Balanced Budget Amendment
* Part of the jobs agenda passes (the smallest part)

Election 2012
* Gingrich enters the top tier
* The “lazy” attack
* Cain on Libya
* Perry’s “oops”
* Romney’s missing hard-drives
* Gingrich’s Freddie Mac work draws close scrutiny
* GOPers re-embrace torture
* Romney proposes vouchers for veterans’ health care

Election 2011
* Big wins for the left/Dems

Affordable Care Act
* Big win at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit
* Supreme Court agrees to take the case

White House formally denies human contact with extra terrestrials

Occupy movement endures a tough week

1. John Derbyshire, a writer for National Review
2. Phil Bryant (R), Mississippi’s governor-elect
3. Michele Bachmann, Republican presidential candidate
4. Newt Gingrich, Republican presidential candidate
5. Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate
6. Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate
Honorable mention: one more from Cain