It’s our podcast-iversary! PSFR is 4 years old this week! W00t! Pre-show notes follow after the jump…

Original air date: 11/27/11
Total run time: 1:56:46
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Walking Dead
Terra Nova
Sanctuary does a musical
Grimm gets a full season order — and a Thursday night tryout
How far along are Bill and Emily with Fringe?
Star Trek delayed, will be in 3D
Community Beetlejuice gag
Bale done playing Batman


Capitol Hill
* Super-committee officially quits
* GOP tries to blame POTUS
* Triggers to get another look
* POTUS: ‘There will be no easy off-ramps’

* Romney’s shameless dishonesty in his first ad
* Romney’s blisteringly-stupid response
* The relevance of Harry Frankfurt’s “On Bullshit”
* Gingrich takes national lead in six polls
* Gingrich picks up Union Leader endorsement
* Will Gingrich’s “humane” approach to immigration hurt him?
* Gingrich targets child-labor laws
* Herman Cain and Dr. Abdallah

Most misinformed news consumers: Fox News

CBO: stimulus still worked

1. Megyn Kelly, Fox News host
2. Pat Robertson, TV preacher
3. Pamela Geller, right-wing media figure
4. Tom Rath, the Romney campaign’s senior adviser in New Hampshire