…about Return of the Jedi.

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Note that Bill and several of the regular chatters will be at the SXSW Interactive & Film conference in Austin next week, which means we’ll be off next Sunday, but it also means that anyone in Austin who wants to have a meet-up should email Bill and he’ll try and organize something fun and informal.

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SF visionary Ralph McQuarrie dead at 82
Walking Dead
Peter Weyland TED Talk
Kevin Drum is all kinds of wrong

SXSW PSFR meet-up?

Walking Dead
Syfy’s Being Human
BBC’s Being Human
True Blood loses Alan Ball
New releases this week: Game of Thrones, Mass Effect 3


* Romney’s good week (electorally): wins Michigan, Arizona, Wyoming, and Washington
* Romney’s bad week (rhetorically): flubs Blunt Amendment, NASCAR event
* Romney tax plan heavily favors the rich
* Santorum says JFK speech makes him want to “throw up”
* Super Tuesday just a couple of days away

Senate defeats Blunt Amendment

Limbaugh attacks Sandra Fluke
* Intense blowback
* Advertisers balk
* Obama reaches out to Fluke
* A rare apology
* Larger point: gender gap to get bigger

Olympia Snowe retires
* Shakes up 2012

Energy policy
* From tire gauges to algae

U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull
* Racist email causes scandal
* Faces misconduct review

Marriage equality reaches Maryland — sort of

1. Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate
2. Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate
3. Rush Limbaugh