We’ve been off for several weeks but we’re back this week with lots of talk about Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, as well as lots of other catch-up politics and genre stuff. Pre-show notes follow after the jump…

Original air date: 8/12/12
Total run time: 1:57:54
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Joss Whedon partners with Marvel, ABC
Dark Knight Rises (and the ensuing political debate)
Total Recall
The Watch
Falling Skies
True Blood
Eureka series finale
Warehouse 13
Emmy nominations


Paul Ryan news
* What odd timing
* Augusts vs. Novembers vs. Januaries
* Creating a choice, not a referendum
* Not exactly Romney’s kind of guy

Mitt Romney news
* The shift towards ‘values’
* The welfare lie
* The importance of the Jimmy John’s anecdote
* What would “help immensely”
* Gingrich: “I don’t particularly dislike him as a person”
* McLuhan Moments

Slightly older Mitt Romney news
* Stumbling abroad
* Middle-class tax hike
* Romney vs. Harry Reid
* Tax returns, still missing
* How we know Bain attacks are working

* Job numbers
* New GDP numbers

Other 2012 news
* Claire McCaskill’s sly move in Missouri
* Voting rights in Ohio
* The Kansas GOP’s purge

Papa John’s CEO goes after Affordable Care Act

1. Sharron Angle, failed U.S. Senate candidate in Nevada
2. Rep. Mike Kelly (R) of Pennsylvania
3. Sen. Ron Johnson (R) of Wisconsin
4. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R) of Pennsylvania
5. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) of Texas
6. Rep. Steve King (R) of Iowa