Tonight’s episode of PSFR was a technical disaster for several reasons. First, our new chat software was confounding us, then the live stream wasn’t working. We figured those two problems out in the first 1/2 hour of the show, but because of all of the confusion at the beginning, I failed to notice that the recording didn’t actually start when I hit the record button (I hit it while it was in “pause” mode and I needed to hit “stop” first and then “record”). The result was a fairly frantic live show (with a very active chat), but no podcast episode because there is no recording.

Alex Chaffee, a regular listener and chat participant, was on hand in the studio and lent us some technical support when various things failed. He also took a bunch of photos at the show, which you can see here. It was also a winter wonderland in Burlington tonight, and throughout the show, we could here car tires spinning on the icy street below the studio.

One positive note: the chat software that we used tonight (Cover it Live) allows for saved versions of the live chat. So if you want to at least read what the live chatters had to say during the show, check out our live stream page.

Also, by way of documenting this lost episode, here are my show notes that I worked from during the broadcast. These are not in the order the topics were discussed, but it gives you a sense of what we talked about. I know, not a proper substitute…


  • Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Netflix watch-instantly feature a dud
  • Confessions of a Superhero
  • The IT crowd
  • Chuck
  • Caprica picked up
  • Sanctuary on a submarine


  • collapse of the economy
  • O’s public works plan
  • cabinet announcements – Gen. Shinseki
  • Jeb Bush senate in Fla
  • Caroline Kennedy in NY – dynasties
  • Chambliss won election – RNC flogging it
  • MN recount – canvassing board – close elections idea
  • Chris Matthews senate run in PA?
  • David Vitter running for re-election – hypocrisy discussion?
  • William Jefferson lost in NOLA
  • comments
  • Lessig advice – mp4 – digital divide
  • Olympia, WA atheist sign

Finally, it’s possible we’ll have a special guest on next week, so tune in for that. I’ll try and make sure the show actually records!