There are several ways to contact us at Poli Sci-Fi Radio.

  • You can email us by sending an email to bill at candleboy dot com.
  • Telephone the studio when we are live on the air (Sunday evenings from 4-6 pm eastern time) by calling +1-802-651-9666. We will put you on the air if your comment/question seems relevant and if we’re not too busy listening to the sounds of our own voices (actually, we don’t usually answer the phone, so maybe let us know you’re going to call before hand).
  • Send us a message via live chat while we are live on the air by going to PSFR’s live stream page.
  • Leave comments on the PSFR episode posts at
  • Visit us at our respective blogs and leave comments there. Click here for Steve’s blog. Click here for Bill’s.

We are happy to take suggestions from listeners and we would love to read your comments on the air, so get in touch!